The Mook:

After several years of  gigging in pubs with a huge repertoire of Irish folk  singalongs & Rock covers. Mookie moved to Cork, Ireland where he began writing and performing his own songs and joining the Monday sessions as a bass and percussion player at the Franciscan Well in Cork for over 5 years. 
Meanwhile Mookie moved back to Germany, to the north, working on new stuff!
Having been  banned  from 
early  Glockenspiel education 
it took Mookie  until he was  15 
to  pick up the  bass guitar 
and  learn it all by himself. 

It may  have to be mentioned that  
he tried the french horn 
in  between but failed miserably. 

Mookie gained his 
first live experiences  
playing bass in
different kinds of 
Rock, Rock'n'Roll, 
and  Funkbands 
before he started 
exploring playing 
guitar and singing.